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Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Economics and Management

Acting Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Matsievich Tetiana

The Faculty Staff

PositionFull Name
Secretary typist full-time trainingNazarenko Iryna
Secretary typist full-time trainingDidyk Viktoria

List of specialties

  • 051 “Economics”;
  • 071 “Accounting and taxation”;
  • 073 “Management”.



1960s of the XX century – THE BEGINNING OF THE ECONOMIC SECTION in the Odessa State Agrarian University – 1 enrollment of the first year students of the Faculty of Economics and two qualifications: “agronomist-economist” and “economist of accounting” (25 people in total).

Dean – Honored Scientist of the USSR, Dr. of Econ. Sciences, Prof. M.O. Braslavets.

Since 1978 – INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION – the first among agricultural universities of Ukraine began training foreign students in economics (in 1978-1996, 272 highly qualified specialist from 44 countries graduated Faculty of Economics with MA degree).

Since 2001 – TRAINING OF SPECIALISTS WITH SHORTEN PERIOD OF STUDY- The Faculty of Economics of Odessa State Agrarian University was the first starting training future economists (BA and Diploma degree) with a shorten period of study on the basis of training and consulting centers (TCC) of the University created in Voznesensky, Anan’iv, Bratslav, Kakhovka, and later in the Izmail state agricultural colleges.

2001–2010 – ESTABLISHING THE FUNDAMENTALS OF DUAL EDUCATION – according to the agreements signed with major stakeholders, the following specializations were chosen for education programs: “Information support of management in agro-industrial complex”, “Financing and crediting in the industry”, “Accounting and audit in banks”.

2010- present- DEVELOPMENT OF THE FACULTY IN THE CONDITIONS OF TRANSFORMATION OF THE SYSTEM OF HIGHER EDUCATION OF UKRAINE- At this stage the main attention is paid to the strengthening of international scientific and educational cooperation, development and implementation of English-taught training programs, increasing publishing activity of scientific and pedagogical staff, including their international representation, increasing professional activity of pedagogical staff, participation in NGOs and professional unions, passing licensing and accreditation procedures under the new requirements.


About 400 students (full-time and part-time ).

Degrees: “Bachelor”, “Master”, “Doctor of Philosophy” in specialties: 073 “Management”, 051 “Economics” and 071 “Accounting and Taxation”.

Much attention is paid to the study of a foreign language by students.

In 2020-2021, applicants from other countries entered English-taught program in the specialty 073 “Management”. Nowadays representatives from more than 5 countries of the world are trained. The Faculty teaching staff has respective certificates of English language proficiency at the B2 level.

The educational process uses modern teaching methods and provides in-depth study of information technologies supporting managerial decisions and helping to master relevant practical skills.

The educational process is provided mainly by scientific and pedagogical workers of three leading departments of the Faculty of Economics and Management:

  • Department of Management – headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences, Prof. Zapsha Galyna Mykolayivna;
  • Department of Economic Theory and Economics of Enterprise – headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences, Prof. Shabatura Tetiana Sergiivna;
  • Department of Accounting and Taxation – headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences, Prof. Kryukova Iryna Olexandrivna.

The share of people with a scientific degree is higher than 95%, incl. 9 Doctors of economic sciences and 1 Doctor of science in public administration.

The average scientific and pedagogical experience of teaching staff is 18 years.



Research areas:

  • economic and mathematical modeling and production forecasting;
  • improvement of accounting and auditing, taxation and management incl. that in agricultural formations;
  • improvement of organizational and economic performance of enterprises and associations of producers;
  • solving scientific problems in the fields of agricultural marketing, logistics, agricultural consulting, economic security of enterprises,
  • public administration, regional development and state regulation of economic development of the agricultural sector of the region’s agro-industrial complex.

Approved scientific topics:

  • “Theoretical and methodological and practical principles of organizational and economic support for sustainable development of agricultural enterprises” (State registration number 0121U110933).
  • “Ensuring socio-ecological and economic development of agro-industrial production and rural areas on the basis of innovation management and marketing” (State registration number 0121U109628).

The professional scientific journal “Economic Bulletin of the Black Sea Region” is prepared for State accreditation.

The Faculty is known by its powerful scientific and methodical work. During the period of functioning of the Faculty its professors have prepared and published a significant number of monographs, manuals, methodical materials.

Since 2013, more than 100 articles have been published in professional and scientific journals.

In recent years, among other things, the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Faculty has prepared and published 42 scientific articles in foreign journals indexed in Scopus and Web of Science, 6 individual monographs, and co-authored about 45 collective monographs.


  • Ukrainian wide Olympiads in specific subjects and Ukrainian wide competitions of students’ research papers and research projects.
  • Inter-universities students’ scientific-practical conferences, round tables.


  • 5th year student D. Arabadzhi – winner of the Ukrainian wide Olympiad in Accounting and Auditing among universities with III-IV State accreditation (2010);
  • T.G. Dede – winner of the I Ukrainian wide competition for the best business plan of the creation of an agricultural service cooperative in the native village conducted within the strategic initiative “Native Village” (2013) and winner of the Ukrainian wide competition of student research papers on specialty “Management” (on the basis of Kyiv National University named after T. Shevchenko) (2017).
  • 5th year students O.V. Vdovychenko and D.D. Mikhov – I and III places in the Ukrainian wide competition of scientific student works on the specialty “Accounting and Auditing” (Kyiv Natioanl Trade and Economic University) (2015).
  • 4th year student K.S. Pavlenko – Prize-winner (Diploma of the II degree) of the Ukrainian wide Student Olympiad on the specialty “Management of Foreign Economic Activity” (Odessa National Economic University) (2016).
  • 5th year student F.L. Karagyaur – 1st place in the Ukrainian wide student competition of innovative projects “Agricultural Youth and Innovation” and Winner of the Ukrainian wide Olympiad in ” Innovation Management “( Odessa National Economic University), the nominee ” For competencies in innovation management “.
  • 6th year MA student K.S. Pavlenko-Didur – Winner of the Odessa National Economic University competition of student research project “Agro-2018” and the participant of the international agricultural exhibition in Verona (Italy) (2017).
  • Isaenko I.S. – III place with a thesis on the topic “Personnel management system and its improvement in the State Enterprise Research Farm “Tairovske ” of National Research Center Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking them. V.E. Tairov of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine ” (2021).


  • Scientific in-group work, conferences, discussion clubs, meetings with writers, artists, actors, etc.
  • Institute of Tutorship and the competition “Best Tutor”, where Tutors of Departments compete in their skills and share their educational experience in a creative format.
  • Holidays and events: Freshman Day, World Student Day, Faculty Day, Open Day, Department Day, professional holidays – International Manager’s Day, International Accountant’s Day, etc., visits to theaters and museums, excursions, sports competitions, etc.


Research and teaching staff are undergoing internships in leading foreign economic institutions, based on this the articles have been published co-authored by foreign colleagues.

New international projects are under preparation, which provide for academic mobility of higher education seekers and faculty members.


  • Real sector: Trofimova LLC, Petrodolynske LLC , Niva LLC, Hadzhider-Agro LLC, TEKLINE PE, Rozkishna Agricultural Complex LLC, Odesakonditer CJSC, Grono AFG, Danube Agrarian LLC , FG “Pearl of Turia”, Agricultural Cooperative “Bessarabian”, LLC “Southern Agroprocessing”.
  • Financial institutions: Privat Bank, Bank Pivdenny, Raiffeisen Aval, CFA institution
  • Research institutions: Askaniya State Agricultural Research Station of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, National Research Center of the Institute of Agrarian Economics (NSC “IAE”).
  • Local authorities, local self-government bodies and NGOs: Department of Agroindustrial and Economic Development of Berezivka District State Administration, Department of Investment and Entrepreneurship of Bilyaivka District State Administration of Odesa Oblast, NGO Odesa Oblast Agricultural Advisory Service Center for Rural Development and Legal Support, Odessa State Oblast Administration, Agency for regional development, Odessa customs of State Fiscal Service in Odessa region, State Tax Service of State  Fiscal Service in Odessa region.


Faculty of Economics and Management

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