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Department of accounting and taxation

Department of accounting and taxation

Department of accounting and taxation




Head of Department, 
Doctor of Economics, Professor, 
Kryukova Irina





Staff of the department

Department of accounting and taxation

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Stoyanova-Koval Svitlana

Savvovna Ph.D. docent

Department of accounting and taxation

Diachenko Oleksii Petrovych Ph.D. docent

Department of accounting and taxation Naida Andrii Vasilevich Ph.D. docent

Grivkovskaya Svetlana Mikhailovna

Kasianova Valeriia Ph.D. docent
Art. Laboratory assistants Patraki T.A.

Art. Laboratory assistants Samoilenko K.M.

leading specialists Barabash S.V.
leading specialists Eremin V.A.

List of subjects taught at the department 

• Accounting
• Financial Accounting
• Accounting in Budgetary Institutions
• Accounting for LEDs
• Management Accounting
• Reporting by Banks
• Accounting and Reporting in Taxation
• Audit
• Accounting at Small Businesses
• Control and Audit
• Accounting in Foreign Countries
• Accounting accounting in business management
• accounting organization
• Organization and methods audit
• accounting and financial reporting according to international standards
• management control
• Consolidation of financial statements
• accounting and FEA analysis
• Marketing audit
• Accounting and Auditing
• Tax accounting
• Econometrics
• Applied econometrics
• Information systems and technologies
• Information systems and technologies in accounting
• Analysis and auditing
• Accountant’s arm
• E-commerce

History of the department

The Department of Accounting and Taxation of the OGAU began its history in September 1960. Its first head was Associate Professor Rakhlin D.M. Having extensive experience in practical work, associate professor Rakhlin D.M. From the first days of the organization of the department, he was able to pick up the teaching staff and ensure the educational process at the appropriate level at the stationary and correspondence departments of the Faculty of Economics.

The staff of the department, under the guidance of associate professor Rakhlin D.M., provided ongoing assistance to state farms and collective farms of the Odessa region on the organization of accounting and reporting at agricultural enterprises. The agricultural enterprises of Belgorod-Dniester district of Odessa region have experimentally proved the effectiveness of the new accounting system, the basic principles of which were developed by associate professor D.M. Rakhlin. As a result of the introduction of this accounting system, its simplification was achieved, analyticity increased, the possibility of calculating the cost of livestock products and services during the year, as well as compiling monthly and quarterly balance sheets, was tested. At the same time, in 1964, teachers of the department carried out work on the introduction of a journal-order form of accounting, mechanization of accounting for wages and inventories at the Pobeda state farm, and at the educational and experimental farm named after Trofimov Odessa Agricultural University.

Since then, the department has come a long way in its development. The name of the department has changed twice during its functioning, but its course has remained unchanged – high-quality training of accounting and audit specialists for all types of economic activity.

The Accounting and Taxation Department is part of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Odessa State Agrarian University and prepares specialists in the knowledge industry 07 “Management and Administration” of higher education degrees bachelor and master (full-time and part-time studies) specialty 071 “Accounting and taxation”.

At different periods of the department’s work, it was headed by Professor V. Postnikova, Ph.D., associate professor Skalozubova N.A., Ph.D., associate professor Timinsky A.G., assistant professor P. Nesenenko, doctor of economic sciences ., Professor Nemchenko V.V., Ph.D., Associate Professor Tsukanov A.Yu., Doctor of Economics, Professor Derechin VV, Ph.D., Associate Professor Kononenko V.A. and Doctor of Economics, Professor Doga V.S.

In 2016. the Department of Accounting and Taxation included the Department of Information Systems and Technologies. M. Braslavets, Faculty of Economics, OGAU. Thus, the academic disciplines of the department of accounting and taxation received information and technical support in the form of technological support for modern products of specialized accounting programs.

Currently, the department of accounting and taxation is headed by Dr. Sc., Professor Irina Kryukova. The department takes an active part in the implementation of the European education system using a credit-modular system for organizing training. The staff of the department, which was formed mainly from university graduates, is highly qualified and competent specialists who are keen on practical experience, constantly update the educational and methodological content of the disciplines, and also work fruitfully on the introduction of new teaching technologies.

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e-mail odau-byx_oblik@ukr.net

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