General Information

General Information

Odesa State Agrarian University is the oldest state agricultural institution of higher education in the South of Ukraine, a leading educational and methodological and scientific center for training highly qualified personnel for various branches of agricultural production of the south-western Black Sea coast.

The university was organized on the basis of the Odesa Agricultural Institute, founded in early 1918. In the creation of the institute, its formation and development a special role was played by a constellation of prominent scientists of the time, including: soil scientist and physiologist, prof. O.G. Nabokikh, geographer and meteorologist I.Y. Tochidlovsky, future academician and vice-president of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, breeder A.O. Sapegin, a well-known specialist in plant physiology, prof. H.A. Borovikov, future academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, botanist D.K. Tretyakov, a specialist in viticulture, prof. O.A. Kipen and many others.

General InformationOSAU is a multidisciplinary institution of higher education that conducts educational activities for the training of highly qualified personnel for various fields, research activities at various levels of higher education, basic and applied research, promotes scientific knowledge and carries out cultural and educational activities.

Higher education is the foundation of human development and society in particular. Of course, it is also a guarantor of individual development, contributes to the formation of intellectual, spiritual and productive potential of society. Therefore, the development of the state, structural transformations at the micro and macroeconomic levels must be harmoniously combined with the modernization of education to meet the needs and aspirations of people, especially young people, to form a new system of social values in the public and private sectors.

General InformationGeneral information. Training of applicants at the University is carried out taking into account the above conditions and modern requirements for the relevant educational and educational-scientific programs at different levels of higher education:

  • initial level (short cycle);
  • first (bachelor’s) level;
  • second (master’s) level;
  • third (educational-scientific / educational-creative) level.


Applicants for higher education have the opportunity to become highly qualified specialists in the field of natural sciences in the following specialties:


EconomyGeneral Information


General InformationAccounting and taxation


ManagementGeneral Information


General InformationGeodesy and land management


AgronomyGeneral Information


General InformationPlant protection and quarantine


Horticulture and viticultureGeneral Information


General InformationTechnology of production and processing of livestock products


Agricultural engineeringGeneral Information


General InformationVeterinary medicine



Veterinary hygiene, sanitation and expertiseGeneral Information



General Information
Public health

In pursuance of the Constitution of Ukraine, the laws of Ukraine “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state” and “On education” in terms of the use of language in the educational process, as well as the information letter of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1 / 9-581 dated 17.09.2019 the organization and conduct of the educational process at the Odesa State Agrarian University is carried out in the Ukrainian language as the state language. Other languages of instruction may be used alongside the state language in groups established in accordance with part one of Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On Education” and part one of Article 21 of the Law of Ukraine “On Ensuring the Functioning of Ukrainian as a State Language”.

The actual number of people studying at the University is 2090 people, including:

  • for the degree of “Junior Bachelor” – 18 full-time students, 18 part-time students;
  • by Bachelor’s degree – 671 full-time students, 406 part-time students;
  • for the educational degree “Master” – 450 full-time students, 172 part-time students;
  • graduate students – 48 people;
  • students of the preparatory department of the Center for International Education for the Training of Foreign Citizens – 271 people;
  • students of the preparatory department for citizens of Ukraine – 36 people.

Odesa State Agrarian University has a modern material and technical base: 4 educational buildings with a total area of ​​35013.81 m2, 3 dormitories with a living area of ​​11373.9 m2, a gym with an area of ​​199.4 m2, 3 sports grounds with an area of ​​978 m2, 2 gyms with an area of ​​127 , 4 m2, sports and recreation camp, canteens and cafeterias of educational buildings and dormitories.

Provision of Odesa State Agrarian University with educational and other facilities with a total area of ​​57,997.3 m2 is: educational premises, a total of 35013.81 m2; premises for classes of students, listeners (lectures, classrooms, offices, laboratories, etc.) – 19666.51 m2; computer laboratories – 1302.5 m2; sports halls – 199.4 m2; dining rooms and buffets – 762.73 m2; office space – 4646.94 m2; library, including reading rooms – 1261.71 m2.

The university is fully provided with material and technical base for quality educational activities. Provision of classrooms with multimedia equipment in OSAU meets all regulatory requirements, based on the fact that lecture halls are equipped with multimedia systems, multimedia projectors, personal computers, special screens, and each department has mobile multimedia projectors. Multimedia complexes provide teachers with the opportunity to use the resources of the Internet, electronic library of the university, their own resources during lectures and practical classes.

The University has a principle of continuous computerization, in particular, the University has 443 computer places for students with Internet access. A local computer network has been set up at the university.

Innovative information technologies of teaching are widely used at the University. The use of applied software products is provided by the training curriculum and consists of different types of work. Computer-based learning technologies are used to perform situational tasks in practical and seminar classes, as well as in the organization of independent and individual work of students.

The university has its own library, the total fund of which is about 743,775 copies and 130 titles of periodicals. The library has 4 reading rooms with 320 seats. There is also a computer reading room with Internet access.

Today the scientific library has 4 subscriptions, 4 reading rooms for 320 seats. The main room of the library is located on the second floor of the first building and covers an area of ​​220.8 m2. In addition, the educational buildings have specialized branches of the library, bookstores. Electronic library website:

In order to carry out professional training at the Odesa State Agrarian University, an appropriate educational and material base has been created, which allows students to study in their specialties.

In addition, the University has created favorable conditions for productive student learning and high efficiency of faculty and staff. All educational buildings and dormitories are provided with central heating, hot and cold water supply.

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