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Multidisciplinary Research Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine

Multidisciplinary Research Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine

The multidisciplinary research laboratory of OSAU Veterinary Medicine is a modern veterinary diagnostic center. It was founded in 2015 with financial and scientific support of the European Union.

The laboratory is a scientific division of OSAU, which is still actively developing and working on all areas of modern veterinary medicine and sanitary expertise.

Our laboratory is provided with modern equipment and high-quality test systems of well-known world manufacturers, so we can get the most informative data in the shortest period of time. Laboratory employs highly qualified specialists, carries out a wide range of research in the field of veterinary medicine and sanitary expertise.

The laboratory has following tasks:

  1. The research on veterinary medicine and sanitary expertise takes the main amount of working time and effort of laboratory employees.
  2. We provide advice on the selection of tests types; explain the procedure of samples collecting, storing and transporting; and interpret research results.
  3. Education and research. On the basis of the multidisciplinary research laboratory of veterinary medicine, classes are held within the framework of the academic working program of the disciplines “Clinical laboratory diagnostics”, “Animal Biochemistry with the basics of physical and colloidal chemistry”, “Veterinary Microbiology”, “Veterinary immunology” and “Veterinary virology” for students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and biotechnology.
  4. Students of all courses of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and biotechnology take an active part in research work. Based on their results and experience, students perform scientific researches of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.
  5. Scientific activity. Laboratory employees take part in research projects, in the implementation of OSAU scientific topics. Based on the results of the research conducted in our laboratory, candidate and doctoral theses were defended.
  6. Educational and training activities. It includes conducting lectures and practical classes on laboratory diagnostics of animals; methodological and practical study of equipment for conducting research; conducting trainings on the rules of working with biological material, rules for packaging and transportation of biological material in accordance with the “Program of advanced training of veterinary medicine specialists in laboratory diagnostics”.

Our laboratory provides the diagnostic of animal health problems by conducting a wide range of laboratory tests. It is necessary to establish the cause of the disease, to confirm the diagnosis or clarify it, to characterize the form and severity of the disease, to determine the prognosis, to choose therapy, to evaluate and monitor the results of treatment. It is very important to conduct a timely laboratory study of animals as it is impossible to establish an accurate diagnosis and assess the health condition of the animals without it.

Fields of the multidisciplinary research laboratory of OSAU Veterinary Medicine are:

– general clinical blood tests;

– biochemical blood tests;

– urine testing;

– testing for parasites and protozoa;

– research for infectious diseases;

– screening of reproductive system;

– research and control of the quality of products and raw materials of animal and plant origin intended for human nutrition, animal feeding and further processing.

– radionuclide analysis;

– analysis for the presence of heavy metals;

– histological examination for atypical cells.


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