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Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department

Human Resources DepartmentHead of the Human Resources Department – Belaya Yuliia


Senior Personnel InspectorTkachenko Irina
Senior Inspector (student registration)Kodymskaya-Kharkovskaya Evgenia

The personnel department is an independent structural unit which reports to the Rector of the University.

The personnel department in its activities is guided by the current legislation, the University’s charter, internal regulations, rules and standards of documentary support, other normative and local acts of the University, Rector`s orders and the Regulation on the personnel department of Odesa State Agrarian University.

The personnel department is led by the Head of the department, who is appointed and dismissed by the Rector.

The personnel department has its own round stamp indicating its name and the name of the institution, as well as other necessary stamps for the job.

The personnel department aims to provide the University in effective organization of qualified employees, including scientific and pedagogical personnel, for organizing effective educational, scientific, managerial, financial and economic activities of the University.

The main tasks of the personnel department are:

– providing the University with employees of the necessary professions, specialties and qualifications in accordance with the level and profile of their training and business skills;

– carrying out activities to form a stable workforce, reducing staff turnover, strengthening labor discipline;

– development of personnel policies and strategies of the university.


Today, the key scientific and pedagogical positions at the university are the department head, professor, associate professor, senior lecturer, teacher, assistant. The replacement of the posts of scientific and pedagogical workers is carried out on the basis of competitive selection, the procedure for which is determined by the Regulation on the procedure for competitive selection of vacant posts, hiring, continuing employment and dismissal of scientific and teaching workers at Odesa State Agrarian University.

Annually, in order to provide opportunities for the professional growth of teachers and in accordance with the established requirements for scientific and pedagogical positions,  on the proposal of deans and department heads, changes are made in the staffing structure to transfer teachers with high level of professional competence and a sufficient experience in scientific and pedagogical work to top positions. According to the results of the competitive selection in the 2019-2020 academic year, six candidates of sciences were transferred to the positions of associate professors.

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