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Faculty of Agrobiotechnology

Faculty of Agrobiotechnology

Faculty of Agrobiotechnology




Dean of the Faculty of Agrobiotechnology,
Candidate of Biological Sciences
Zorunko Victor




Dean’s office staff

PositionFull name
Office workerChebotar Ekaterina
DispatcherGolovatenko Anastasia
Laboratory assistantTrandafir Irina

Specialties for which students study at the faculty:
•201 Agronomy
•202 Plant Protection and Quarantine
•203  Gardening, fruit growing and viticulture” (until 2023 – “Gardening and viticulture”)
The history of the Faculty of Agrobiotechnology dates back to the foundation of the Odessa Agricultural Institute (OSGI) – since 1918. For almost 100 years, our university has been training agronomists – arable and agriculturalists – fruit and vegetable growers. During the period of their existence, the faculty has developed good traditions of their professional training. Our graduates successfully work not only in Odesa region, but also in other regions of Ukraine, as well as in CIS and CIS countries. In 2011, the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Faculty of Agrobiotechnology Faculty successfully conducted an accreditation examination for the right to carry out educational activities in the field of preparation 6.090101 – agronomy in the specialties 7.130102 – agronomy, 7.130103 – fruit and viticulture and 8.130101 agronomy. Today, over a thousand students study at the Faculty. At present, the training of specialists in three specialties is being carried out at the Faculty of Agriculture of the ODAU:
•horticulture and viticulture
•protection of plants
in three educational and qualification levels: bachelor, specialist and master. Duration of training: Bachelor of full-time education – 3 years 8 months, correspondence form – 4 years 10 months; full-time and part-time specialist – 1 year; Master’s full-time and correspondence forms of study – 1.5 years. Graduates of agrarian universities of agricultural profile of the I-II accreditation levels have the opportunity to study on a short-term basis.In addition to each of the major specialties, our students have the opportunity to receive training in the following promising specializations: breeding of individual crops, seed and seed science; crop and crop production; fruit growing and ornamental planting; vegetable growing of open and closed soil; viticulture and primary processing of grapes. Improving the quality and level of students’ knowledge is facilitated by the research work of the departments of the Faculty:
•Departments of field and vegetable crops;
•Departments of protection, genetics and plant breeding;
•Department of Horticulture, Viticulture Biology and Chemistry.
In order to consolidate the acquired knowledge, students take internships in leading scientific institutions and advanced agricultural enterprises of Ukraine, farms and educational institutions of Germany, Poland, Great Britain, New Zealand, France and other countries. In addition to gaining in-depth specialist knowledge, our students enhance their cultural and athletic level, prepare themselves for scientific and pedagogical activities, continue their graduate and postgraduate studies, as well as receive a second higher education in the fields of accounting and auditing and land management and cadastre. If desired, our students can be trained at the military department and receive the rank of lieutenant. The knowledge that students acquire during lectures and practical classes is consolidated during educational and industrial practices in the educational economy and at the branches of the departments of the faculty. The latter are located on the basis of the Breeding and Genetic Institute – National Center for Seed Science and Variety Research, NAAS Black Sea Institute of Agriculture, NAAS Biotechnical Engineering Institute, Border Inspection of Plant Quarantine in Odessa Oblast, Grapes and Fruit Quarantine Research Station, Institute of Plant Protection of NAAS, a comprehensive branch of the departments of the Faculty of OAUU, National Science Center “Institute of Viticulture and Viticulture. V.E.Tairov », the Association of farmers of Odessa region, on the basis of farms and educational institutions of foreign countries. Graduates of the Faculty of Agrobiotechnology work as managers and leading specialists of agricultural enterprises, state institutions, teachers in higher educational establishments, scientific staff of academic institutions of agrarian science.

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Contact Information
Address: office 520-521, Matrosova Lane 6, Odesa, 65044.
Dean’s Phones: 097 573 49 76; 067 140 45 37.
e-mail: odauabt@ukr.net


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