The Institute of Postgraduate Education of the Odessa State Agrarian University together with the vocational school “Empire” is launching a joint project to train hippotherapists.

Duration of training is 6 months.

The course  includes the following areas of training:

General training cycle

Business fundamentals

First aid

Fundamentals of Pedagogy

The cycle of professional practical training

Horse handling skills

Riding skills

Horse exercises for hippotherapists and patients

Safety precautions for hippotherapy sessions

Atypical situations, solutions

Hippotherapy techniques (Israeli, European)

Practical lessons by type:

Basic exercises and game elements

Practice hippotherapy with a patient


Veterinary training cycle

Physiology and behavior of horses

Horse diseases

Ethology of horses

Medical training cycle

Psychology and pedagogy in therapy

Methods of physical and psychological rehabilitation, socialization, health improvement, psychocorrection with the help of horses

Medical control in hippotherapy, indications and contraindications

The role of parents in the comprehensive rehabilitation of children with the help of hippotherapy

Working with children with special needs

After graduation, students receive certificates that confirm the successful completion of theoretical and practical training.

Students of the course, if necessary, are given the opportunity to live in a university hostel.

To register and provide a place to stay in the hostel, call 096-55-206-77.

Additional information on training is also available on the university website https://osau.edu.ua/, section Courses and Institute of Postgraduate Education.

Or to the address: Odessa, Alexander Matrosov lane, 6 (1a station of the Big Fountain), educational building No. 4, 3rd floor, rooms 301 and 302.

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