Dog training

Institute of Postgraduate Education of the Odessa State Agrarian University begins recruitment for the training course. dogs for general and special types of training at the level of the instructor, skills in sports competition in dog breeding.

The course is developed by the Department of Technology of Production and Processing of Livestock Products on the basis of the “Regulation of the CCU on specialists in performance and sport” and “Regulation on the procedure of working tests of dogs of the Cynological Union of Ukraine.

Curriculum developers:

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Susol RL

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Kosenko S. Yu.

Before applying for training are invited to:

specialty trainers and trainers;
amateur trainers;
heads of departments of dog clubs, centers and other institutions;
nursery owners, breed managers;

Experience – Any.

Geography: all regions of Ukraine.

Selection of students will take place in the following stages:

Filling in an online application on the site;
Submission of supporting documents for the information provided in the online application.

The deadline for applications is March 15, 2020.

Duration of study: two weeks.

Mode of study: 8 hours a day.

Course Location: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology, ul. Krasnova, 3a, Odessa

The training will be conducted in three modules:

Module 1.

Dog biology.
Keeping and feeding dogs.
Basics of Veterinary Medicine.

Module 2.

Physiological training of dogs.
Methods and techniques of dog training.
Factors that affect the way a dog works. Unwanted links and possible trainer errors.
Methodical and technical methods of training dogs at the general training course.
Special dog training:

tactics of preparing dogs for the search service and in case of natural disaster;

methods and techniques of preparing dogs for the search and detection of narcotic drugs (explosives, small arms and ammunition);

tactics for the training of shepherd dogs and hunting dogs.

Module 3.

Techniqueexperts examination of dogs and rules for the organizationexhibitions and regulations on the judging.
Classification of dog breeds and their standards.

(The educational process is organized taking into account the contingent of students and the specifics of their activity)

The program of training courses foresees the implementation of the students of the course project on the theme: “Tactics of training and use of dog breeds _________ for _________ service in a nursery _____”.

Total number of participants – 25 people.

Tuition fees for selected candidates – 4000 UAH (accommodation and travel are charged separately).

Language course Ukrainian.

Contact persons:

Maya Dushak, Head of the Institute of Postgraduate Education, tel .: +380973804031; email:

Svetlana Kosenko, Associate Professor, Department of TVPTT, Ph.D. phone: +380675599481; email:

To apply for the course, please: fill in the registration form

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