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Department of veterynary hygiene, sanitary and expertise

Department of veterynary hygiene, sanitary and expertise

Department of veterynary hygiene, sanitary and expertise

Head of Department, 
Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor 
Tarasenko Liudmyla Oleksiivna

Staff of the department


Department of veterynary hygiene, sanitary and expertiseCandidate of Veterinary Sciences, Associate Professor Rodionova Kateryna Oleksandrivna
Department of veterynary hygiene, sanitary and expertiseCandidate of Veterinary Sciences, Professor Assistant Skripka Galina Andriivna
Department of veterynary hygiene, sanitary and expertiseCandidate of Veterinary Sciences, Associate Professor Horobey Alexey Mihailovich
Department of veterynary hygiene, sanitary and expertiseCandidate of Veterinary Sciences, Associate Professor Khimych Mariia Serhiyivna
Department of veterynary hygiene, sanitary and expertiseCandidate of Agricultural Sciences Rud Valentyna Olehivna
Department of veterynary hygiene, sanitary and expertiseCandidate of Veterinary Sciences, Associate Professor Piven Olha Tarasivna
Department of veterynary hygiene, sanitary and expertiseSenior laboratory assistant Vlasenko Irina

Courses taught at the department:

  • Veterinary sanitation and hygiene.
  • Hygiene of primary processing of animals and slaughter products.
  • Hygiene of products of animal origin.
  • Hygiene of plant foods.
  • Hygiene of milk and dairy products.
  • Feed hygiene and feed additives.
  • Food hygiene and raw materials.
  • Modern scientific basis of veterinary-sanitary examination and evaluation in invasive diseases.
  • Control of biogenic contamination.
  • Merchandise and standardization.
  • Control of quality and safety of products of animal and vegetable origin in the conditions of the agrarian market.
  • Chemical and toxicological control of products of plant and animal origin.
  • Radiobiological control of products of animal and vegetable origin.
  • Forensic veterinary expertise.
  • Veterinary-sanitary examination of wild animals and poultry and products of their processing.
  • Veterinary and sanitary expertise with the basics of aquaculture technology and standardization.
  • Standardization of agricultural products.
  • Quality and safety of agricultural products.
  • Veterinary and sanitary examination.
  • Veterinary toxicology.
  • Fundamentals of business activity.
  • Veterinary radiobiology.

Department of veterynary hygiene, sanitary and expertiseHistory of the department

The department was established on July 16, 1973. Head of the Department is Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor  Vladimir Musiyovich Kovbasenko, a graduate of the Belotserkov Institute. Not only Professor V.M. Kobbasenko, but also the leading scientists of the faculty, personally, the rector of prof. IS Samoilenko, who understood that the future of veterinary medicine is not only in the treatment of animals, but also in the production of quality livestock products. The presence at the faculty of a separate clinical course of veterinary and sanitary examination, which had no status in the structure of the faculty, but constantly joined the separate departments, did not contribute to the qualitative training of specialists in the field of veterinary and sanitary examination. Therefore, the main purpose of the Department of Veterinary Expertise was to increase students’ knowledge in one of the most important branches of veterinary medicine – veterinary and sanitary examination and training of scientists in this field. In addition to the teaching process at the department, since its formation, considerable research work was conducted on the training of scientists. Among the scientists trained at the department – the first defended his doctoral dissertation Assoc. OI Kryvutenko, which helped to create a separate department at the faculty and strengthen the scientific potential of the faculty. But it also contributed to the partial reorganization of the department – instead of a pathological pathology course in 1992, the department began teaching pharmacology. Since 1992 the department functioned as the department of veterinary examination and pharmacology. In addition to the previously taught disciplines, new ones have been added: pharmacology, toxicology, radiobiology. At that time, the system of training veterinary medicine doctors – veterans, included three branches of the department, established on the basis of the Odessa meat-packing plant, the Black Sea and Kirov poultry farms, headed by graduates of the faculty, students of the department, chief physicians of enterprises. Presence of modern material and technical base of the department and qualitative training of specialists and scientists were noted by GUMCG of the USSR and in 1979 by prof. V.M. Kovbasenko was included in the delegation of the Soviet Union at the World Veterinary Congress. For 15 years at the faculty headed by prof. V.M. Specialized Scientific Council for the Thesis Protection in the specialty 16.00.06 – veterinary medicine. In 1980, during the Olympic Games in Moscow, the retraining of veterinary examiners from the Moscow Veterinary Academy was transferred to the department of veterinary examinations of the Odessa Agricultural Institute, which at the time was considered one of the best in the Union. For retraining of scientific and pedagogical staff the department received the thanks of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR. At the department under the direction of prof. Kovbasenko VM 42 scientists were trained, incl. 3 Doctors and 39 Candidates of Science, of which two PhD candidates for Georgia, two for Moldova and one for Dagestan, have been trained for targeted postgraduate studies. Scientists are trained at the department, worked and work in higher educational establishments of Ukraine, in production, in the governing bodies of veterinary medicine. The novelty of the research conducted at the department of scientific research was confirmed by 8 copyright certificates of the USSR and 15 patents of Ukraine, some of which (ed. Sv. 2316478 from 21.03.77 “Method of obtaining ribonucleases”), at that time, had no analogues in world practice. The training of specialists at the department has been renewed since 2004. 2004-2005 only. 213 veterinary examiners were trained: heads and doctors of state veterinary examiners, meat processing companies and official doctors. Postgraduate training continues today. The first steps of the faculty of the created department was to increase the level of methodical work. During the 40 years of its existence, 27 textbooks, manuals and monographs have been prepared at the department; more than 46 methodological developments for the educational process and more than 120 for production. In 1999, in co-authorship, a training manual “Veterinary and sanitary examination of raw materials and products of animal origin” was prepared and published. At the beginning of the XXI century. requirements for veterinary and animal health expertise of livestock products have changed. The Department of Veterinary Medicine revised the concept of quality control and safety of livestock products, bringing it closer to global requirements. A number of official documents on quality control and food safety have been issued. Taking into account the new requirements, the basic manual “Veterinary and sanitary examination with the basics of technology and standardization of animal products” in 2 volumes was prepared and issued with the permission of the Ministry of Education and Science for students of higher educational establishments of the III-IV levels of accreditation (Prof. V.M. And a textbook “Veterinary and sanitary examination of products of animal and vegetable origin” (Prof. VM Kovbasenko, Assoc. Prof. E.Y. Rozum). In the 40th anniversary of the department, prof. V.M. Sausage prepared and published (second edition) educational manual “Veterinary and sanitary examination with the basics of technology and standardization of livestock products” in two volumes. The volume is 865 pages. The work of the department of veterinary examination, to which the department of epizootology and parasitology was attached in 2011, can be so briefly characterized. In 2015, the department was reorganized and named “Veterinary Hygiene, Sanitation and Expertise”. Dr. Vet headed the department. Sciences, Professor Tarasenko LO To date, the department carries out research work on the topic: “Study of the influence of veterinary-sanitary, hygienic, environmental and technological factors on the organism, productivity, quality and safety of products of animals of the biogeochemical provinces of the south of Ukraine and improvement of their monitoring.” Since 2012, prof. Tarasenko LO in the working group of the university won the international grant “to ensure the sustainable production and implementation of good practices for the cultivation of cattle on the farms of Romania,»To each of the three partner countries (Romania, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine) with the invitation of breeders, manufacturers, representatives of associations and authorities (about 60 participants of each seminar, plus 20 participants from partner countries). The importance of international cooperation was emphasized by Dr. Lyudmila Tarasenko at the meeting of a practical seminar for the Odessa Agricultural University, the result of which is the creation of a modern laboratory for determining the quality of livestock products. exchange of experience, study of modern technologies based on two pilot farms in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, implementation of software for monitoring livestock products, use of a database of partners – the expected results, the implementation of which will increase the level of science and training at the Odessa State Agrarian University. 15 people passed advanced training at the seminar of the cross-border project “Ensuring the Sustainable Production and Implementation of Good Practice for Cattle Breeding in the Farms of Romania, the Republic of Moldova and the Border Region of Ukraine”  misetc code 1549, April 19 – April 22, 2015.

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