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Landscape design and organization of garden and park construction

Landscape design and organization of garden and park construction


In November 2020, the Institute of Postgraduate Education, together with the Department of Vegetable and Field Crops of the Odessa State Agrarian University, launches courses in decorative gardening with the basics of landscape design.

Every person has a cherished dream: to see in his life the Garden of Eden, which he created with his own hands. This Garden of Eden is not only a dream but a reality! To do this, it is enough to have a thirst for knowledge and creativity, to make the appropriate efforts.

Odessa State Agrarian University will help you master this art.

The course program is based on modern trends in landscape construction using new varieties and forms of ornamental and fruit plants, the latest technologies for creating and maintaining high decorative qualities of the garden. The authors of the program are specialists with 30 years of experience in the field of creating modern decorative gardens, for 20 years they have been conducting courses in landscape construction.

List of modules:

Module 1- History of gardening art and styles of construction.

Module 2 – Ornamental plants, their biological characteristics and cultivation techniques.

Module 3 – The main decorative elements of the garden and features of their creation.

Module 4 – Preparation of landscaping projects, agricultural techniques and plant care.

You will find interesting practical work on decorative gardening, fascinating master classes in landscape design, interesting excursions to the masterpieces of garden and park art in Odessa, experience in designing your own decorative garden and a specialist certificate.

The courses can be studied by both agricultural specialists, students, and everyone who wants to gain knowledge and skills in creating modern decorative gardens. We will be happy to work with course participants who are building their own gardens and estates.

Program developers:

Ozhovan Elena, candidate of biological sciences, head of the department of vegetable and field crops;

Zaderej Alexander, specialist in ornamental gardening, plant physiologist.

The term of study is 6 weeks / 6 hours per week.

The form of training is full-time / distance.

Classes are held at the Odessa State Agrarian University in the evenings on weekdays and weekends.

The cost of training is UAH 2,400.00.

We draw your attention to the fact that the modern labor market requires an increasing number of specialists – landscape project managers, designers, gardeners. There is a great shortage of these specialists on the market, so it is not difficult to find a job in this area.

Each course participant carries out a design project of his own garden, receiving a certificate of a specialist in creating a decorative garden.

To enroll in the group, call: 096-55-206-77, or contact the address: Odessa, Alexander Matrosov lane, 6 (1a station of the Big Fountain), educational building No. 4, 3rd floor, office .301 and 302.

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