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Odesa State Agrarian University

Department of Ukrainian and Foreign Languages

Department of Ukrainian and Foreign Languages




Head of departments,
Candidate of Philological Sciences,
Nasakina Svetlana





The composition of the department

Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Philology Majstrenko Ludmila

Associate Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences Malеtska Inna

Associate Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences Susol Lilia

Senior Lecturer Furman Irina

Teacher Hodgikian Darina

Teacher Tsitovich Elvira

Teacher Shumska Irina

Teacher Hanetska Antonina

List of disciplines
•Professional foreign language (English)
•Professional foreign language (German)
•Scientific foreign language (English)
•Scientific foreign language (German)
•Ukrainian language by professional direction
•Scientific Foreign Language (English)

History of the department
About teaching and studying by students of the Odessa Agricultural Institute of Foreign Languages ​​after its foundation and in the 20 – ies of the 20th century archival materials have not been preserved. The first references to the Department of Foreign Languages ​​can be found in the archival documents of the Institute from 1930 to 1931. These were the times of collectivization, the country needed agronomists, winegrowers, and livestock farmers. At that time, thousands of students were studying at the institute. Unfortunately, the teachers of foreign languages ​​did not keep their list. Roll, S.G. Umansky, OD Ogelidt, G.S. Tatur and others. The names of the repressed teachers in the 30 – 40 – years have not been preserved, although according to the memoirs of the veterans of the university such were. The materials were removed from the university special. bodies of the USSR. The information about the department during the years of the war of 1941 – 44 was not preserved, because the institute functioned in those years. In 1945 – 1950s there were 7 teachers and a senior laboratory assistant at the department. Head of the department was the senior lecturer O.P. Ivanytsky, who was fluent in three foreign languages. In the post-war period, when the Cold War began between the USSR and foreign countries, the Iron Curtain at that time made its mark on the teaching of foreign languages ​​at the Odessa Agricultural Institute. At that time, the study of foreign languages ​​was limited to reading and translating general and political literature. The texts of the agricultural literature were not studied, and the task of practical mastery of foreign languages ​​was not even set. In the 1960s the department was gradually developing. The members of the department were V.V. Meleshko, V.M. Dudnik, Yu.A. Primatova, TG Lapshina, GV Matitsina, L.O. Antonyanu. D.Lyashkevich, L.M. Skupchenko, IV Nikitina, R.J. Non-sterevich. In the 80-ies the department was expanded with a new  generation of teachers. These were the graduates of the Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology of ODE II. Sword-nickname O.Yu. Stepanenko, GS Romanyuk, K.D. Koroid, AF Kryvenko, LA Kravchenko, IV Nikitina, O.Yu. Hot. In different years the department of foreign languages ​​was headed by: Art. teacher Ivanitsky OP, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Rubinstein GA, senior lecturer Lapshina TG, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Zharkikh O.Yu. teacher Romanyuk GS The history of the Department of Ukrainian language begins with the independence of Ukraine. The Department of the Ukrainian Language was organized in 1996, and the senior teacher of the department V.Kolentzova was the head of the department from the first day of its existence. In the pre-war period there was no independent department of the Ukrainian language. It was part of the department of foreign language. Even when Ukrainian was widely used in the institute and in the working faculties united by the institute in 1935, namely Odessa Ukrainian, Odessa Jewish, Voznesensk, Arbuzin, Poltava, Bashtan, Birzul, at the collective farmers’ courses, preparatory courses. Archival materials show that at some faculties Ukrainian was studied: it was either removed from the programs, as it was in 1929. at the Faculty of Large Socialist Economy, or introduced: in 1934-35 at the Faculty of Agronomy, the studies were conducted in Hebrew (Yiddish) and Ukrainian, and in 1935 – 36 academic year, a department for teaching Ukrainian was opened at the Zootechnical Faculty. The records were kept only in Ukrainian. In 1930 – 31 years the section of the Ukrainian language included teachers MI Husak and J.K. The adage. In 1937-38 the Ukrainian language was taught by O.V. Birskaya, G.Ya.Dashevsky, A.O. Podlipskaya, AP Tsebrzhinskaya. On the repression of teachers and students, which were massive in 1929 – 1933. in Ukraine, materials were not preserved at the institute, they were seized by special bodies. The fact that they were in the institute in the following years, that is, continued inertia, both by the bodies of the OSPU and the management of the institute, is evidenced by the orders of the director of the institute OI Rikuna. For example, in one of them, dated February 7, 1934, it was stated that “for several years the institute has been the focus of counter-revolutionary actions on the part of some teachers …” professors, associate professors were accusations of nationalist bias, blasted the class enemy. The Ukrainian language teachers were dismissed. Dibyak, MS Krivtsov. And the second-year student, G.P. Gorou was expelled from the institute as the daughter of a smoker. According to the reports of NKVD agents, incl. from the student environment, in 1934. a number of teachers accused of Trotskyism and left-wing views were fired from the institute. The archives were not preserved on the repressions of teachers and students in 1937-1938. In the post-war period, the Ukrainian language disappears from the curriculum, daily life, and paperwork at the Institute. Only in the 60 – ies of the twentieth century. in the department of foreign languages ​​the Ukrainian section on business broadcasting was restored. Only with the gaining of Ukraine’s independence in 1996 did Rector S. Korlyuk organize a department of Ukrainian in the Institute. The senior lecturer was appointed senior lecturer V. Kolentsov. According to Article 10 of the Constitution of 1996, the Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Korlyuk in 1997. a plan of measures for transition to teaching all subjects in Ukrainian was developed, courses for learning Ukrainian were created for teachers and graduate students. The teachers of the department carried out active scientific – methodical and educational work. They gave lectures among students on various topical issues, organized scientific conferences for teachers and students, participated in competitions for better knowledge of their mother tongue. P. Yatsyk, who were organizers of events for the anniversary dates of prominent figures of Ukrainians, creators of statehood, were involved in T. Shevchenko All-Ukrainian Society “Prosvita”. In 2005. the foreign languages ​​department was merged with the Ukrainian language department. The combined department was named “Department of Ukrainian and Foreign Languages”, headed by Candidate of Philology, Assoc. Prof. V. Kolentsova.

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