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Odesa State Agrarian University

Department of Philosophy, History and Political Science

Department of Philosophy, History and Political Science




Head of department,
Professor,Candidate of Philosophy,
Sidorenko Alexey





Сomposition of the department

Candidate of Political Science, Associate Professor Volkova Irina
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Noginska Alina
Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor Samuilik Nikolay
Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor Cheban Oksana
Candidate of Political Science, Lecturer Telelim Irina
Lecturer Fedorova Inna
Senior Laboratory Assistant Solovey Irina

List of disciplines

•Ethics and Aesthetics
•Engineering Psychology
•History of Ukraine
•History of Ukrainian culture
•History and culture of Ukraine
•Higher Education Pedagogy
•Pedagogy and psychology
•Political science
•Religious studies
•Philosophy of science
•Philosophy of Science and Technology

History of department

The department conducts the whole list of classes in social and humanitarian training of graduate students, masters and bachelors. The number of courses exceeds 20 and depends on the choice of students. All academic disciplines are fully provided with educational and methodical literature, most of which are prepared by the teachers of the department. Over the last 15 years, the Department has conducted: 3 international and 2 inter-university conferences on agrarian science and actual problems of formation of students of scientific outlook; 4 PhD dissertations were defended by teachers: Kuzmenko VB, Noginskaya AO, Rabokorovka GV, Telelim IV and TubenkoV. AT. Prepared and published: 5 different textbooks with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science and 2 with the stamp of the University. Title of the textbooks: “Philosophy” – the first edition (2003 – OP Sidorenko, VG Abramovich, SS Korliuk, AI Pankov, TV Rozova, MS Filianin, OM Cheban and others);  econd edition (2008 – O.P.Sidorenko, S.S.Korluk, M.S.Filyanin, V.G. Abramovich, P.S. .); third edition (2010 – OP Sidorenko, SS Korlyuk, MSFilyanin, O.Yu. Vlasova, OM Cheban and others); “Propedeutical Course in Philosophy of Science” (2016 – OP Sidorenko, SS Korlyuk, VV Vlasov, TV Rozova, OM Cheban and others); “Religious Studies” first edition (2007 – OP Sidorenko, SS Korlyuk, MSFilyanin, O.Meban, etc.); second edition (2008 – OP Sidorenko, SS Korlyuk, MSFilyanin, OM Cheban and others); “History of Ukrainian Culture” (2014 – OP Sidorenko, SS Korliuk, VV Vlasov, OM Cheban, etc.).
5 study guides have been published:
– “Philosophy. Historical and Philosophical Introduction ”(2000 – by OP Sidorenko, MS Filyanin, LG Nemyata);
– “Political system of society” (2009 – VG Abramovich, IV Telelim);
– Sociology of the Village (2004 – VG Abramovich);
– “History of Ukraine” (2010 – by L. Petryshyn);
– Ethics (2011 – IO Volkov).
Published 3 monographs:
– In the Mirror of Sociology (2007 – VG Abramovich);
– “Political responsibility of society” (2010 – MM Samuilik);
– “The rational and the mystical in the philosophy of G. Skovoroda” (2012 – TM Chernega).
There are scientific circles of students working in the department on in-depth study of problems of philosophy, history of Ukraine and history of Ukrainian culture, as well as developed educational and methodological documentation for conducting classes in distance learning.

Contact Information
Address: Matrosov per, 6, building No. 4, sixth floor, office 615
Phone: 722-32-64
e-mail: filosofiyaodau615@ukr.net

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